Manhattan KS Catering | Friendship House


In May of 2008, Mike and Margo Pray purchased the Friendship House. Many years have passed and the Friendship House has since expanded the catering operations to include caterings in towns 60 miles or more away and to serve 300 or more guests at a time.

The Friendship House still offers our amazing "Home cooking just like Grandma makes" food, whether it's from our bakery or the grill. That is our motto! Jake Trummer, owner and Head Chef, works hard to keep our food up to your expectations. His "scratch" baking and cooking has made the Friendship House a popular destination as well as favorite caterer of many.

Open seven days a week, the Friendship House has formed a great tradition on Sundays of serving a full homemade breakfast all day, plus brunch starting at 11:00 a.m. To better serve the needs of the community, the Friendship House has also expanded the kitchen area. This has enabled us to serve breakfast daily, be open every day of the week, and expand our lunch menu to include Gourmet Burgers. This improvement has allowed us to expand our catering operations to be second to none!

This expansion allows us to provide an expanded menu. We are not changing the type or quality of food we offer; we are continuing our tradition of offering fresh, wholesome food, therefore, do not offer fried foods.