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                     Muffin Madness 2023

It's Muffin Madness 2023!
What, you ask, is Muffin Madness? It's the same as NBA March Madness, except with Friendship House muffins!
Here's how it works:
1. Take a look at the entire bracket of muffins
2. Muffins that are up for votes will be posted each morning with a deadline for voting
3. Place your vote either in the store or on Facebook or Instagram
4. Winning muffin from that round will be announced in the morning and voting opens up for the next round
5. Keep voting until it's all done!
6. All voter names will be tossed into a basket and a winner will be drawn at the end of the tournament
6. Winner of the Muffin Madness wins one dozen muffins of their choice
Keep your eyes open for Muffin Madness 2023 for your chance at one dozen muffins of your choice (must be a flavor on the bracket).